Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Peek into our Farm

Today was a complete zoo.  I wanted to take pictures and Boone, our Barred Rock rooster, was on the prowl.  He kept giving me the eye and flapping his wings at me.  Whereupon I shined the camera his direction and flashed it.  All while waving my bamboo protection device (politically correct term for big stick) around to give myself some working space.  I really must learn to have my eight-year-old chicken whisperer put him in the hen house when I need uninterrupted time outside.  It's true, he's never charged her.  But me.  Oh yes, he charges me daily now.  Sometimes I yell and flap back and he decides I'm not worth it.  Other times I run for the house screaming "I need a stick! Somebody get me a stick!"  Whereupon no one ever gets me a stick.  But I digress.  I wanted to take pictures.  Something that portrayed the fun and joy of having an urban farm.  So here they are.  

This is my 8-yr old in her way-to-dorky socks and flip-flops leading the flock around with a bunch of grapes.  Who ever heard of herding chickens?  Well she does!   
In the background is Boone.  Checking me out in advance of a charge.

I'm amazed at how she can wrangle these chickens!
 Meet Aislinn.  She is eight and bilingual.  I'm so proud of her ability to speak animalese.  She may not be bothered with details like socks and flip-flops but she knows how to communicate with other species!  Guess the one outranks the other.
Oh, and the dog, Kona.  The dog is not safe for humans.  For either human consumption or companionship.  He's an LPD (Livestock Protection Dog) and if you don't belong to his clan, then you are fair game for an attack. 
 A barred rock hen.  Sad over the empty bowl.

A picture of Ugly, taken by Aislinn.  This is a young rooster.  His name is Ugly and his wife, a mail-order bride, is Uglina.  But that, my friend, is a story for another day! 

Thank you for joining me today.  Come again and see pictures of our journey from just-hatched chicks to a working urban farm that produces organically grown, cage free cackleberries!

A sample of our pullet sized cackleberries.

PS.  No animals, or more importantly to me - humans - were harmed in the photo shooting process.  My husband came home and his testosterone levels outrank the rooster and I got along fine.


  1. I love it! Makes me miss our hens! and even our crooked tailed rooster! Our 4 1/2 yr old daughter is great with animals too. She has one chicken "short comb" that has managed to live through all of the coyote madness around here. Maybe some day we'll have our chickens back. Until then, I'll enjoy your photos and blogs :-)

  2. Fawn - It is terribly sad to lose animals to predators! Have you ever considered an LPD? Thank you so much for visiting Cackleberries

    1. Fawn, an LPD is a livestock protection dog. They are specially bred to protect your animals. Often they do not bond with humans outside of their circle well - so they are not pets in the same sense as other dogs. They are really around for protection. Inbred hatred of coyotes and fox can really pay off but your friends can't bring over their dogs for a play date. Dogs already in your family would be considered part of the pack and worth protecting. LPD's are worth investigating if you want livestock!

    2. Oh, just google livestock protection dogs.

  3. You are hilarious! Can't wait to read more!